• Receivers

The Receivers Ministry was developed to assist in prayer, encouragement, and invitations to membership for those who accept the call to respond to God’s Word.  This ministry is also responsible for personally responding to each visitor who has provided information on our visitor information cards.

  • Volunteers

What is a volunteer?  It is someone who chooses to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility and without concern for monetary profit. Volunteers not only give much of themselves but also gain so much, such as a sense of accomplishment, increased social awareness and relationships, as well as increased community network.  The volunteers of Redemption Fellowship Church have provided assistance on various projects and activities, including Vacation Bible School, our annual Church Retreat, and Friends and Family Day, as well as office labor, such as work on the weekly bulletin.  Now, more than ever, we thank the volunteers of Redemption Fellowship for making the commitment to VOLUNTEER!

For more information, contact Larry Elmore.