Mercy Ministry

The goal of Redemption Fellowship’s Mercy Committee is to be committed to the call to show mercy, to educate the body of believers about the biblical call to mercy ministry, to equip the body of believers to show mercy to strangers and aliens, the oppressed and the needy, to develop an integrated approach to ministry so that mercy permeates the entire church and becomes a way of life, and to provide opportunities for the body of believers to be actively involved in the work of mercy.

The purpose of this ministry is to carry the gospel to the people by practicing through both Word and deed, to develop resources for those who have been called to short or long term mercy ministry work, and to support and promote mercy throughout the year through such avenues as providing summer internships for those who desire to minister in the area of mercy, hosting an annual mercy conference, sponsoring a monthly mercy moment during worship service, sharing information about the opportunities which exist in the PCA and other related ministries, and updating the body of believers about the work and ministry of Redemption Fellowship missionaries.

Other ministry areas for the Mercy Ministry include:

  • Missions
  • Missionaries
  • Food Pantry