Real Men

Men’s Ministry

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to provide men with opportunities to grow in their commitment to Christ, develop Christian friends, and to offer support in their God-given roles.  This ministry also provides mentoring to our young men, showing them the spiritual roles that God has laid before them as Christian men.

This ministry exists to extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ within our church and community.  We seek to do this by exhibiting the transforming presence through a passionate commitment to Christ, measuring our actions by scripture, allowing God’s grace to keep us morally pure, and extending the Kingdom within our families, to those who don’t know Christ, and to those in need to mercy.

  • Real Men Real Talk

All men of Redemption Fellowship are invited to come out to Real Men Real Talk where men are brought together to have a frank and open discussion about all things male.  Brother Stan Harris has been involved with similar programs for 10 years at other venues and now he brings this groundbreaking event to Redemption Fellowship.

This is an open forum, all about men and the issues, challenges, and struggles they face.  This program offers real advice from real men talking about real issues that are important to all men, including money, health, relationships, sex, the economy, self-esteem, anger, depression, as well as tackling the issues of status and success.  In this group men can come and get answers to any question pertaining to life or Godliness and will include whatever is needed – prayer, teaching, encouragement, etc.  No agenda, no program, no pressure – men can let loose and discuss whatever is on their hearts and minds.

The Real Men Real Talk venue is offered to challenge participants to be the best person, father, and husband they can be and is meant to reach out to those who want to know how to be God-following men in today’s modern society.  The goal of these sessions is not just to talk, but to put into motion advice and tools that will help deal with the issues that men are facing today.  Many men are wrestling with serious matters, such as addictions, verbal and physical abuse, serious debt, failure at work, family communication breakdown, etc., yet too often they never touch on these matters due to a lack of venues where they feel comfortable openly and honestly expressing themselves.

This vehicle has been added to the Men’s Ministry in order for men to start the process of being whole.  It is meant to encourage and uplift one another.  Here, we will engage in some serious thinking and cultural engagement and work side by side, challenging ourselves while working through life issues with all the guards and defenses torn down.

Real Men Real Talk is currently on break.  Stay tuned for details for the upcoming year.