Season of Giving

Posted on Nov 13 , 2020 in Happenings

Hello Redemption Fellowship Family.

During this time of the year, our church is usually gearing up to give to those less fortunate who may be in need.  For Thanksgiving, we would like to consider ways we can help and serve those in our community.  Due to the coronavirus, our Thanks “Giving” Drive will be different this year.

In lieu of our traditional Thanksgiving Basket Drive, we are asking our church family to consider other ways of giving back during this time of Thanks ”Giving”.  A few options may be:

  • Deliver a meal to a family member, neighbor, co-worker, friend, or associate – or anyone you know who may be in need.
  • Donate food items to a local food bank, such as the Fayette Samaritans.
  • Deliver meals to the elderly or people with disabilities or health conditions
  • Donate to a charity or organization who help families in need

Though we are not gathering at this time, we are asking our Redemption Family to consider ways to help those in need.   Past studies show that one in five people in the state of Georgia struggles with hunger – many of them are children.  This number may be on the rise as many have lost jobs due to the coronavirus and its impact on our economy.  Redemption, please pray and ask God to show you an opportunity to help and serve this Thanksgiving holiday season.  May we allow Him to use us to be a blessing to those in need.