Food Bank Collection for February 2017

Posted on Jan 23 , 2017 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

ATTN:  Redemption Fellowship Family

Our effort to help feed the hungry is on-going. The need is definitely there as one in five people in the state of Georgia struggles with hunger – many of them are children.

The Fayette Samaritans is a Christian ministry serving those in need by providing food, clothing, and financial assistance. Please continue to help in our effort to collect donations for the Samaritans Food Bank to feed the hungry by placing one or more non perishable items in the donation box each week.  All donations are gathered on the fourth Sunday of each month and are delivered soon afterwards to the Samaritans.

Collection of the donations for the month of February will take place the week of Sunday, February 26th.  If you and your family are able, please bring a donation for the Food Bank with you to service this Sunday.

While all items are appreciated, the Samaritans have asked if we could help especially with the staple items listed below:

Canned tuna
Peanut Butter
Dried Beans
Cornbread Mix
Canned fruit/vegetables
Pasta sauce
Feminine Products

They also made an appeal for clothing donations.  At this time there is a special need for boys clothing:  shirts, underwear, socks, etc (all sizes).  Many thanks for all of the donations that have been made thus far.  All items donated are delivered and recorded as coming from Redemption Fellowship Church.

If you have any questions about the Food Bank donations, please contact Sister Chantal Bartley or Sister Dolores Bennett.

Thank you and may God richly bless you.

DNOW (Disciple Now) – 2017

Posted on Jan 23 , 2017 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

DNOW 2017
Friday, March 3rd – Sunday, March 5th

ATTN:  Redemption Family:

It’s Time To Get Ready for DNOW (Disciple Now) 2017, which will take place Friday, March 3rd through Sunday, March 5th.

This is our Annual Youth Conference in Fayette County for our middle school and high school students and it is the largest countywide discipleship conference of the year!  The weekend will include overnights in an approved church member’s home with your friends, Saturday meals/Sunday breakfast with a recap at the church, small group Bible studies led by Young Adult and Adult Youth Leaders, large group events with over 1000 students from our area, study booklet, t-shirt, recreation engagements and missions projects. The entire weekend will be a time of Discipleship, Evangelizing, Serving, Devotion, Fellowship, and Fun.

Stay tuned to your emails for agenda and other pertinent information.

For more information about DNOW Fayette County, visit


New Members Needed for the Usher Ministry

Posted on Apr 17 , 2016 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

Attention:  All Members of Redemption

The Usher Ministry is in need of new members.  As things have changed at the church, we’ve had a number of members who’ve had to step down for health reasons or to take a break.  We’ve also had members who have moved away.  We are looking for additional people who would love to join the team.

If you are interested, please contact Brother Willie Maddox or Sister Hester Bell.

Redemption Rebuilding Teams

Posted on Jun 20 , 2015 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

Attention All Members of Redemption Fellowship Church

Please consider joining one of the Redemption Rebuilding Teams.  Your help is always needed and we can sure to find a place for you.  Please pray and ask the Lord which team(s) you should become a part of to help rebuild Redemption.

These teams include:
*  Intercessory Prayer
*  Office Volunteer
*  Interior Design
*  Beautification
*  Inventory
*  Music Ministry
*  Greeters
*  Hospitality Ministry
*  Usher Ministry
*  Community Outreach Ministry
*  Security
*  Education
*  Human Resource Team
*  Technology Team
*  Building Maintenance

There’s room for everybody.  The Lord has blessed all of us with gifts, so please pray and ask the Lord to guide you regarding where to further use those gifts and talents. Signing up to work on a team will allow opportunities to pray, fellowship, and build relationships with other team members.  Team leads will be determined once team members are in place.  If you would like to sign up for a team, please contact Rosalind Watkins.

Outreach Initiatives

Posted on Oct 15 , 2014 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

Attention: Redemption Fellowship Church Family

Please remember our Outreach Initiatives.  They are presented on the board outside of the Admin Office.  The opportunities listed are just some examples of Local Outreach Programs where we can begin plugging in as a church Family.

When you are at church, please take the time to check out all of the opportunities that are listed on the board.  There are a number of events and programs listed and God can use your hearts and hands to help out.  Pray for direction on where God will be able to use all of the talents and gifts that He has given you.  There are several opportunities to serve.

RFC Women’s Ministry Community Outreach

Posted on Jan 18 , 2014 in Announcements & Ministry Updates & Women

Attention: All Ladies of Redemption Fellowship Church

As we begin another year, let us stop to reflect on the physical and spiritual needs in our community. Many of you have inquired about the Women’s Ministry outreach works. The Women’s Ministry currently has outreach commitments to the following organizations: Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, Fayette Samaritans, and Summerhill Community Ministries.

We realize there are many needs in our midst, but we need your help identifying the most urgent needs. Please share any community needs with the WM Outreach Committee Chairpersons, Linda Thomas and Andresi Johnson.   Thank you.

Reach In to Move Out

The Women’s Ministry Council

Fayette Samaritans Partnership

Posted on Sep 25 , 2013 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

Attention: Redemption Fellowship Church Members and Family

As many of you know, in the past we have worked to maintain a food closet here at the church. Over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a high level of non-perishable goods.  So for that reason we have decided to partner with the Fayette Samaritans. The Fayette Samaritans is a nonprofit organization supported by many of the churches and community organizations in the Fayetteville area.  They provide food, clothes, financial assistance, and access to community resources.

With that being said, September and October are our months to shine.  For the rest of September and all of October we will be collecting food, clothes (all kinds), and money.  Redemption, it is our ministry to help the less fortunate and we never know when we may be one of those in need of help.  We are blessed to be a blessing to others, so I am asking that we all do our part.  Let’s bombard them with so much stuff they won’t have room to store it all.

They are always in need of volunteers to help with sorting items and stocking shelves, so if you have some spare time please sign up. It is a very rewarding experience.  There but for the grace of God go I, something I try to live by and have tried to instill in my children.  For more information on the Fayette Samaritans and how you can help please pick up a brochure in the Foyer.

~ Sister Wanda Hall

Bible Studies and Lessons

Posted on Jan 08 , 2013 in Children & Ministry Updates

My Dear Redemption Family,

I want to encourage all of our parents to be actively involved in the Bible Studies and Lessons your children bring home.  The Lessons are not confidential or private or anything like that.  They are transparent, open Bible studies, designed to strengthen them spiritually and therefore your involvement in this process is crucial.  Please take the time to go over their pamphlets and books.

The Preteens, for this next quarter, will be the only group not bringing home their lessons each week.  The Teen class will have a different study lesson each week.  The Lessons are designed to truly challenge them to be more committed to their Christian Faith and, to be Courageous in their Christian Walk.

The same applies for our Young Adults.  We need you to guide and encourage them to be a part of the Dinner and Conversation Bible Studies.  If I do not have the email address of your Young Adult ages 18 – 27, please send it to me as we will begin sending the lessons they are unable to attend especially for those away in the college and military.

Because of Grace,
Raymonde Neely
Redemption Fellowship Church Youth and Young Adult Director