A Congregation in Prayer

Posted on Aug 26 , 2011 in Announcements

A Congregation in Prayer

You might have been present on last Sunday in our worship service where our sanctuary was turned into a great prayer room.  I have been contacted by members and others who were in attendance on last week, who said that they needed that time in prayer with other believers.

If you missed our time together in prayer, I will tell you it was a great time to feel uplifted and supported by our church family in prayer.  The whole place was filled with voices crying out to God and giving thanks for His grace.  I have to say, I cannot take credit for this event.  As I announced at the end of the very abbreviated sermon on prayer from Matthew 6, that the Lord gave me instructions during my time of preparation of the sermon, that this congregation needed to gather together in prayer more so than hearing a sermon on prayer.  So we did.

Some have been asking question about our Faith-NETT movement we have been working on.  That support and agreement and submission that we all experienced was what Faith-NETT is all about.  You see the NETT is the Kingdom of God which is on mission from GOD to tear down the kingdom of Satan and build up the Kingdom of GOD.  If you were there you experienced it by way of support in prayer.  I’ll tell you, that I experienced it by way of submission to the Holy Spirit and God’s will.  That is the way the NETT works.  The NETT is there to catch us and support us after we have gotten “caught up in it”.

I was not set on a breakout group sessions of prayer in Sunday worship but the LORD told me that I needed to trust Him and call for prayer.  I, at first, thought it was just a spiritual idea that carried little specialty.   I began to lean away from the idea more and more.  And as I tried to forget the idea to go on studying the more I was convinced that the Lord was calling me to call for prayer.

So, the LORD really showed me again that He is the comforter and our leader.  I believe that last Sunday was a perfect commercial for the Faith-NETT.  We all were ‘Caught Up in The NETT’ Matthew 13:47.  The Faith- NETT challenged me, caught me, and supported me and then confirmed God’s holy presence in our service.  I cannot take credit.

You may feel weary from well doing … let’s put the Faith-NETT to Work.

Get Caught Up in The NETT!  The Faith-NETT!!  Have a great Day.

~ Former Assistant Pastor Horace E. Cutter

With All Your Heart

Posted on Jul 19 , 2011 in Announcements

By Former Asst. Pastor Horace Cutter

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” Colossians 3:23

If you have been anywhere near the news lately you have heard the scandal concerning the teachers in the Atlanta Public School System. It is very disheartening to know that the teachers, that we are entrusting children to at a very important time of their lives, are cheating on the tests scores in order to keep their jobs as teachers.

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How do we remember them?

Posted on May 31 , 2011 in Announcements

By Former Asst. Pastor Horace Cutter

Years ago when I was a kid in Rahway, New Jersey, there was a river behind our house. It was the Rahway River. Us kids used to like to go to the banks and throw rocks into the river. The city had put all of these wonderful rocks along the banks for a build up against floods, so we just took it that they wanted us to have more fun… just throwing the rocks. Whatever way we threw the rock it left a ripple there. After the rock had sunk out of sight there was still the ripple going out to the ends of the river. That is how life is. One life that is lived leaves such an effect upon the world around it that we cannot ignore what has taken place. So that we ask what impact does one life have upon another?

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Victories Over Evil

Posted on May 24 , 2011 in Announcements

By Former Asst. Pastor Horace Cutter

As I got out and about this morning, I continued to hear the reports of the killing of Osama Bin Laden by American Military Forces. I felt happy and proud to be an American. After facing the terror in Sept 11, 2001 that we all remember and can look back to cringe over, we are so grateful of the military blood and effort that brought about this great feat. I also remembered the relief and resultant effect of Adolf Hitler’s death in Germany many years ago. I was not thought of at the time (my boys would disagree with me) but having an appetite for history for so many years and reading up on the wars we have fought I have found that evil men seem to crop up at their own special time in history. The only good thing I have to say about evil men coming on the scene is that they give a definite lesson that good and evil do exists.

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Pray for the people of Japan

Posted on Mar 13 , 2011 in Announcements

By Former Asst. Pastor Horace Cutter

We are all praying for the people in Japan. They have experienced a double disaster. May the glorious God of mercy and security, rescue the lives, hearts and minds of those who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 3-10-11. Our Father in Heaven has the peace and providence to help each person to come to the knowledge of His gracious presence at this terrible time.

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Sermons Are Now Available Through iTunes

Posted on May 03 , 2010 in Announcements

If you enjoy hearing the Word of God from Pastor Cobbert, then you are in for a treat. I am proud to announce that you can now subscribe to Redemption Fellowship’s sermons via iTunes (and yes it is free)!  If you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, a computer, or any other device that can play a MP3, then this is for you.  You can now get your sermons downloaded to your computer (or your device) right as they are posted.  You can click -> HERE <-  to get started, or you can just search for “Redemption Fellowship” in the iTunes Store.  Thank you in advance for help spreading the word, and being a witness to our growth.

P.S. If you want to give your friends, family, and/or co-workers an easy to remember link to our sermon podcast… http://bit.ly/RedemptionSermons. If you do not have iTunes, but use another program for subscribing to podcasts, you can subscribe using http://feeds.feedburner.com/RedemptionFellowshipChurchSermons