Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on Feb 27 , 2018 in Announcements & Ministry Updates

Attention Redemption Fellowship:

Easter Sunday this year is Sunday, April 1, 2018.  Our Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, March 31st at the church.  Stay tuned to your emails for more details.

CANDY AND PLASTIC EGGS ARE NEEDED – We are asking everyone to contribute bags of large plastic eggs as well as bags of hard candies such as Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Roll, etc. to fill the eggs.  You may also donate pre-filled candy eggs if you like.  Our goal is to have at least 300 eggs to place for the hunt!

NO CHOCOLATE PLEASE !!!   We may have a warm day and the chocolate may melt.  Thank you in advance for your support.

For questions about the Egg Hunt, please contact Sister Martha Barnett, Sister Susan Ruff, or Elder Frank Brown.