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We at Redemption Fellowship are excited about the work of the Lord and the challenges ahead!  We are reaching out to people who are in need of the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ as well as taking care of those who are members of the “household of faith.” Our mission centers on the person and work of Jesus who said, “Come and learn of me,” as well as “go into all the world and teach, preach, baptize, and care.” We are a church with a mission and we need more people to help us!  We are visionary.  We have big, God given plans that will impact our community and our world.

We would like to:

  • Establish a prayer tower ministry that operates 24 hours a day that invokes the presence and influence of the Lord in our daily walk in the marketplace.  A prayer ministry that makes intercession for church leaders and missionaries local and abroad; a ministry that covers our children, youth and young adults, middle aged, and seniors.  A prayer ministry that addresses the issues of fatherlessness, education, and the penal system.  A prayer ministry that softens our hearts and propels us to go after the lost, care for the helpless, and speak for the oppressed.
  • Build an All Purpose Ministry Institute (APMI) to: provide education for anyone who desires to fully understand the Word of God; to provide training for anyone who desires to serve in the church locally or abroad as a missionary; to train pastors for shepherding ministries and church planting; to provide Christian leadership training; to provide training in mercy ministry; and to provide a Christian education for our children and youth.

Please come and worship with us!  We need and really want to see you.

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